Nick Vossen is a creative writer and speculative-fiction author from The Netherlands. On the 21st of December 2017 his first short story anthology book was released called “The Fissures Between Worlds – Tales Beyond Time and Space”.

Nick is also working on a novelette series called “The Eldritch Twins” which will be a humorous crossover between Lovecraftian mystery and conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo. The first book in The Eldritch Twins series: The Last Lovecrafts is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2018.  (less)

This page is intented for sharing news on his commercial writing efforts, as well as periodical thoughts on fiction, media-academics and popular culture.

Upcoming Publications:

* The Eldritch Twins – Act I: The Last Lovecrafts (Amazon KDP and D2D) (Q1 2018)

* Undisclosed Short Story in upcoming Short Fiction Anthology (Darkwater Syndicate Publishing) (Q2/Q3 2018)

Previous Publications:

* The Fissures Between Worlds – Tales Beyond Time and Space (Amazon KDP) (21st Dec 2017)

* The Basement Anomaly (in Fantastic Stories) (DCC/ABC Anybook Press) (March 2017)

* From Tabletop to Desktop: How Communication Affordances in Tabletop Roleplaying Games Change in the Transition from Offline to Online Play (Utrecht University) (Feb 2017)

* I am the Sea, I am your King (in Sanitarium Magazine #47) (Sanitarium Press) (30th July, 2016)

* Old Souls (Amazon KDP) (20th May, 2016)

* The Cats in the Puzzle Box (in Cyclopean Magazine #1) (Cyclopean Press) (20th January, 2016)


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