Why Speculative fiction?

Because we collectively state to have great knowledge of the world, the things still open to explore are those that dazzle us with their haunting mystery. Unexplored patches of deep rainforest, the pitch-black depths of the oceans, the empty arctic reaches, the mysterious void of deep space or even that strange looming mansion across the street that has been vacant for years. Throughout history writers of fiction have experimented with the primal fear of incomprehensible horror. Lovecraft, Poe, King, Derleth, Howard; they all drew eerie sketches of reality, trying to fill in those empty pages. Even modern works of fiction like the Blair Witch Project film and the Silent Hill video-game franchise tend to work on the power of suggestion, much more focusing on the psychological state of their protagonists. Who really know what is stalking the Maryland woods at night, or what really lies under those bloody sheets in those disturbing hallways? In my opinion this creates the most frightening horror experiences and the most elaborate examples of strange fiction. These are the terrible and weird things that can only materialize in human imagination. Whilst writing my short stories, it was not my goal to imitate or copy any of these authors or franchises. My goal is to draw inspiration from them and to tell strange tales of my own.


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